Marketing as a teacher seller just got a lot easier...

Streamline your marketing with a monthly planner, stunning mockups, Canva graphics, & reel templates

The Teacherpreneur Club is a community-based membership designed to help teacher authors save time ⏰ while growing their business on social media.

Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to create Instagram posts and reels for your TpT products?

Do you struggle to balance being a business owner, teacher, and/or parent, leaving little time for marketing your products?

Do you wish it wasn't taking you so long to find the right mock-up or Canva graphic?

Look no further, the Teacherpreneur Club is here to help!

Every month, you'll receive a social media planner linked to the following marketing resources:

Canva Graphics

Canva graphics are designed to be visually stunning and highly customizable, making it easy for you to create engaging social media posts.

Mock-Up Sets

Access a variety of beautifully designed mockups that showcase your products and help them stand out in the crowded TpT marketplace.

Reel Templates

Make reels easy! The Canva and VN app templates allow you to create dynamic and engaging short-form video content for Instagram and TikTok.

Carousel Templates Vault

Our carousel templates help you create multi-image posts for Instagram that tell a story, showcase your products in a visually compelling way, and engage your audience.

Marketing Workshops

The marketing workshops provided by expert TpT sellers are an invaluable resource for TpT sellers looking to take their marketing skills to the next level.

Monthly Co-Planning Sessions

The monthly co-planning sessions at the club foster a supportive environment to help you plan your posts, set goals, and get support with club resources.

And don't forget your key to marketing success:

The Monthly Social Media Planner linked to quality mockups and templates (never struggle with what to post on Instagram again!)

Do you struggle with consistency in your social media posting? Are you not even sure what to post at times?

The club planner (in PDF and Trello format) provides you:

  • a clear, structured framework for planning out posts in advance

  • timely prompts and links to high-quality mock-ups, graphics, and reel templates at the club

  • space to brainstorm ideas

  • planner pages for individual posts, sales, giveaway, etc.

  • statistics documentation

  • so much more! (watch the video)


With access to a wealth of marketing assets, including product mockups, Canva graphics, reel templates and more, you can easily create engaging social media posts.

These posts will drive traffic and sales to your store - regardless of what is happening at TpT.

Want to see more? Let's dive a little deeper into the marketing assets you will receive each month:

Canva Graphic Templates. Every month you get a new set of templates to increase your engagement at Instagram and elsewhere (plus access to all past templates).

  • Canva templates come in:

    • square format (Instagram, Facebook, TpT)

    • vertical format (Pinterest, Stories, Reels, TikTok)

  • Get access to all past template bundles too! 👇

Styled Mockup Bundles. Every month you'll receive three mock-up bundles.

  • Get access to all past bundles, too! That's over 70+ bundles in total. Here are just a few:

  • These gorgeous images and Canva templates will make promoting your products and freebies a breeze!

  • All bundles include image files in square format (Instagram, Facebook, TpT) and vertical format (Pinterest, Stories, Reels, TikTok).

  • Drag 'N' Drop Canva Templates are provided in square and vertical format.

  • NEW! As of April 2022, all bundles now include Canva templates in the following:

    • Pinterest Idea Pin

    • TpT Cover Images

    • TpT Video Previews

  • Mock-up resource elements provided are a combination of:

    • card stock

    • clipboards

    • iPads

    • notebooks

    • task card boxes

    • laptops

    • whiteboards

    • backgrounds

    • borders

  • PNG Overlays Kit. As of April 2022, all bundles include individual elements with a transparent background. Mix and match these items to create your own mock-up designs. The possibilities are endless!

  • You also have permission to use these PNG overlays in your teacher resources.

Canva and VN App Reel Templates. Think Reels aren't for you? Think again! Get access to a library of Faceless Done-For-You Reel templates along with the step-by-step Faceless Reels course.

All you have to do is add your clips - all timing, transitions, and effects are already added!

 Monthly Live Co-Planning Sessions. Need accountability to be consistent with your social media posts?

Every month we have a live session to go over the new marketing assets and plan our social media posts.

If you need that extra push to work on your Instagram content, these monthly sessions will do it for you!

✅ Monthly Guided Workshops & Courses. The topics for these workshops are chosen based on the needs of the Teacherpreneur Club community:

The Teacherpreneur Club isn't just about saving you time.

It's also about helping you grow your business. Our resources are designed to help you:

  • engage with your audience

  • increase your sales

  • take your business to the next level

🌟 Reel Templates Library. If you enjoyed the Reel template, the Teacherpreneur Club actually provides you 4+ templates a month (plus access to all past templates. All transitions, timing, effects, and trending audio are done for you!

🌟 70+ gorgeous styled mock-up bundles & counting. Every month you'll get three new bundles with:

  • square and vertical images

  • square Canva templates

  • vertical Canva templates

  • PNG Overlays Kit

  • TpT Cover Design templates

  • Pinterest Idea Pin template

  • TpT Video Preview template

🌟 A social media planning calendar for Goodnotes and Trello every month made just for the busy TpTer. Get ideas, template links, and hashtag holidays for every day of the month. No more wasting brain energy on what to post!

🌟 Customizable Canva carousel and social media designs that get you engagement and follower interaction.

🌟 Teacherpreneur Club Library of TpT-focused marketing workshops by a ton of TpT experts. Learn on-the-go and watch your store grow!

🌟 Canva course and Faceless Reels course. If you need confidence with either topic, you'll have it after taking these courses!

🌟 Motivating Monthly Co-Planning Session. With such a hectic schedule, do you need that extra push sometimes to be consistent with your Instagram posts? We all do! That's where the planning sessions come in. Get the drive you need to take advantage of all the resources that are available to you at the club.

⌚️ save time

🥅 stop chasing ideas and start achieving goals

🤝 find your people in the teacher author world

📈 increase your brand awareness and sales with ready-to-go templates and visuals

Then look no further. The Teacherpreneur Club community is waiting for you!

Hey, there! My name is Tabitha Carro and I've been a teacher seller since 2011. Initially, I was simply trying to make a little bit of extra money on the side as an underpaid teacher. But after a few years, I found myself making equal to my teacher salary. I should have been thrilled about that, but mostly I was just extremely exhausted.

You know the expression "There's no tired like teacher tired"? Well, there's actually a worse tired than that. It's called teacher-TpT-side-hustler tired. So in 2015 I began experimenting with ways to cut back on how much I was working while still growing my business. The main tools I came up with were templates and leveraging my smartphone

Over the past few years I've packaged those two productivity practices into several programs for teacher sellers. These programs have helped over 1,000 teacher sellers save time while increasing their visual marketing and resource production. I've had the opportunity to speak on smartphone marketing at various TpT conferences and meet-ups. My biggest breakthrough of all came in 2017 when I was financially able to take a much-needed break from the classroom.

The Teacherpreneur Club was created as a place to support teacher sellers with their goals through digital assets, trainings, and peer support. I find I am most fulfilled in my work when I am helping fellow teacher authors achieve success and financial freedom.

This is my why and my focus as founder of the Teacherpreneur Club.

✅ You spend too much time making marketing designs and visuals.

✅ You're inconsistent at posting to Instagram and Facebook because there is simply not enough time in the day or creative juices.

✅ You want to start growing your Instagram with Reels but find the process too time-consuming.

✅ You're interested in learning how to use Canva more.

✅ You're tired of having to go to Facebook groups for marketing tips and updates.

✅ You're feeling burned out and need some drive to get back into growing your business.

✅ You're ready to scale your business so that classroom teaching is a choice and not a financial obligation.

✅ You feel a bit isolated as a teacher seller and are looking for support and answers to questions.

✅ You're ready to learn all the things!

If you said yes to any of these statements, then chances are you'll find a ton of value as a Teacherpreneur Club member.

Q. I'm a virtual assistant. Am I allowed to use the Teacherpreneur Club digital assets for multiple accounts?

A. Membership is for just one user but I am happy to work out an affordable VA pricing. Please contact me at [email protected]..

Q. I have a virtual assistant. Are they allowed to use my account?

A. Yes, as long as the marketing assets are only used for your online accounts and none of their other clients.

Q. I use PowerPoint for design. Will I still find the templates helpful?

A. I believe so. Canva templates can be converted to PowerPoint files. All other digital assets work with any design program of choice.

Q. Do I need to have a paid Canva account to use the Canva templates?

A. It's recommended but not required. The mockup templates do not need the paid version but the engagement designs may have some paid elements.

Q. Is the Teacherpreneur Club app available for Android?

A. Yes.

Q. Is the VN app available in Android?

A. Yes. There are also PC and Mac desktop versions I have not tried.

Q. Do I get access to all past workshops, mockups, and Canva templates?

A. Yes!

Q. Can I cancel at any time?

A. Yes. You only continue your subscription as long as it is providing value to you.

Q. Can I get a refund?

A. No. Due to the digital nature of the content, no refunds are allowed.

Q. Can I pay for membership with PayPal?

A. Yes. Please click here for instructions and signup links. Please allow me 24 hours to manually invite you to the club. If you have any issues, email me at [email protected].